One of my guilty pleasures….. don’t hate

Land Del Rey- Young And Beautiful

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I just rolled out of bed at about 7:50am after a night of heavy drinking and onto my period. I sat down in the restroom to do my business when all of the sudden I heard these noses like something was moving around in the basement of my house. Turns out, it was just my intestinal system getting ready for Halloween. It’s going to be an interesting kind of day

fuck it ya know.

'cause like fuck hapy py 'caause like it's unmpotrtante.important. shit. tsute.sff. BUt not sreriously. Like my friend turns 21 today.for the first time and like it's my brest freidn. and fcuk oike. Gshe should get drunk. bitbut not dead drunk. fuck it ya know.shit.

I don’t want people to tell me that I’m beautiful. A compliment is a compliment I know, but that’s not how I want people to compliment me anymore. I want people to say why they would hang out with me for more than 5 minutes. That would make me happier than having you compliment me on my looks. I know I look flawless too you, but look past how “flawless” you think I am to my actual flaws. Then you can tell me I can look beautiful.